We specialize in projects for foodservice. We help our clients with complete professional kitchens solutions for new business or modernization of commercial restaurants, hotels, restaurants in companies and hospitals, production centers, convenience stores, cafes or fast food.

Our team is led by professionals with over 25 years of experience on this industry. We are up to date and connected with the best processes and technologies being used in the food service market in the world. We have executed hundreds of projects throughout Brazil for companies of all sizes which attests to our excellence and reliability.


We apply a direct and pragmatic process in the development of our projects as listed below:

1. Briefing analysis and research strategy definition: visit for field survey, operation monitoring, diagnosis and work objectives definition;

2. Preliminary study with the initial measuring and evaluation of equipment, areas, zoning and flows;

3. Basic layout conception with adjustments for operational needs, space and proposed concept;

4. Executive project with technical plans and indication for equipment and infrastructure needs such as electric, gas, water and sanitary items (with power and consumption); Masonry and finishing plans for the production areas and restaurants. Data sheet of equipment and civil works with the specifications for suitable materials;

5. Additional projects;

6. Management for additional infrastructure;

7. Project for the settings of areas destined for the public presented with electronic models and videos;

8. Work monitoring throughout the execution of the project, advice for approval and monitoring of equipment’s acquisition, manufacturing and delivery;

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