Our History

We started out in Sao Paulo in 2000 as a commercial architecture office specialized in professional kitchens: Diris Petribú Architecture, founded by architect Diris Maria Petribú Faria who at the time already had 20 years of experience in the industry. The office provided projects and consultancy for industrial kitchens implementation. The project flow consistently grew in the following years.

In 2005 the industrial designer Emmanuel Viana de Melo became part of the office and created the Product Design division. He brought with him an experience in product development built over 30 years working in industrial kitchen companies.

With the merger we became StudioIno Architecture and Design. In 2006 two large design and architecture integrated projects for Atta and GR restaurants modernization of for GRSA Group were executed.

In 2007 we initiated a partnership with Fagor Industrial Mexico, a Spanish company with a focus on US and Latin American markets. We developed a series of products for the US market which marked StudioIno’s first international experience.

In 2010 we moved to a larger space, making our way for the office expansion process with new members and new equipment. In early 2011 we began the process of rethinking our strategy: services offered, participation in competitions and the way we communicate with our customers, employees and the design and architecture communities. This resulted in the renewal of StudioIno’s brand and visual identity, seeking a more efficient communication with the new site, integrated with social networks.