Grab n’ Fly

Client: IMC

International Meal Company (IMC) chose StudioIno to develop the design and architecture for food stations for airports. The result was the Grab n ‘Fly concept, a compact, modular foodservice unit designed for the needs of this audience.

The project has a self service system. Exhibitors and shelves are open and customer oriented. The unit was designed in modules that allow different formations. It is possible to have island configuration, such as a kiosk, “L” shaped or “U” shaped units. Linear shapes, on the other hand, makes it easier for the custormer to shop and walk around the corridors.


Client: Starbucks

Our team is responsible for the executive and compatibility projects, given the specific visual concept of each store already developed by Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, USA. StudioIno began working with Starbucks in 2013. Since then, dozens of units were designed including street shops, shopping stores and kiosks in the cities of São Paulo, São José do Rio Preto, São Jose dos Campos, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro and Niterói.



Client: B.LEM

Concept and detailed design developed for this bakery of Portuguese products. Materials and details selected to create an environment with personality, warm and modern.


Juice and Toast

Client: Juice and Toast

StudioIno developed the concept design and architecture to communicate healthy eating in a practical, comfortable and jovial atmosphere. The store located at Viracopos international airport in São Paulo offers ready to go service and is oriented to the consumer who has little time to consume.


Client: Desfrutti
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

Located in shopping malls these stores challenged us to guarantee operations quality in very small spaces. The decoration has simple elements that characterize informal and young environments. In some of the stores we worked with the concept of open kitchens which allowed the customers to see the food being prepared.


Client: GRSA | Manufacturer: Sigmma Brasil

Concept developed for use in retail business units. A modular system which deployment can be defined according to the space provided by the customer – from a kiosk to a complete store.

Integrated design from StudioIno’s Architecture and Design divisions.


Project developed in collaboration with GRSA marketing team.


Cafeteria Paulistano Hospital

Client: Medirest
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

We designed a coffee shop with a living area for staff and visitors which at lunchtime serves fast meals. Since the building has a metal roof curve that follows the architecture of the buildings in the complex the living area received a glass closure to integrate it into the wooded external environment and to better use the natural light.


Hospital das Américas | Cafe

Client: Medirest | Amil
Location: Rio de Janeiro | Rio de Janeiro

We designed a cafe and a reserved area with special settings to complement the restaurant already catering to the medical staff of the hospital.




Caffè Ritazza

Client: GRSA
Location: Guarulhos | São Paulo / Brazil

An internationally renowned brand, Caffè Ritazza was brought to Brazil by GRSA. The concept – applied at airports and bus terminals – was adapted to national materials and equipment, as well as to the needs of local consumers.