Baked Potato

Client: Baked Potato
Location: Barueri | São Paulo / Brazil

The main challenge on this project was to unify in only one production center the areas of storage, logistics and food production, formerly operating in independent areas. The solution was to use more automated production processes that assured productivity increase, process control and improvement in distribution logistics for the stores.

We designed a production center with the latest technology and Capkold system.



Client: GRSA
Location: Piracicaba | São Paulo / Brazil

The previous kitchen was serving 4,000 daily meals in 3 restaurants, with meals being transported in hot chain within the same site. Our challenge was to increase the kitchen’s productivity to 6,000 meals a day and unify the 3 restaurants. Being a 20-year installation and with a considerable increase in staff, the kitchen needed to be expanded and have its concepts of production, services and physical space modernized.

The initial proposal was to create a kitchen with Cook & Chill system, where production would be separated from distribution. And food transportation would be done through cold chain and reheating on distribution points. We resized all the space needed expanding the storage areas – especially the cold chain. We specified modern equipment for cooking and cooling such as combined ovens and coolers, utensils and recipients washer for productivity improvement. We expanded the dining halls with premium service islands making the environment more pleasant. This space was integrated with the employee’s rest area.

The project is being certified by the customer’s insurer with a very high level of demand.

Central Kitchen

Corporative Restaurant



Client: GRSA
Location: Santa Cruz | Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

Inserted in the architectural design signed by architect Oscar Niemeyer’s office, we designed this kitchen to serve 2,000 meals. The project had to be adapted considering the terrain and the foundation used which generated a specific project for draining the kitchen sewer system. We dimensioned the storage areas considering the distance and the difficulty of getting supplies to the location.

The kitchen was designed with systems for air-conditioning and exhaustion that were adequate for the region’s hot climate. The construction was done with reinforced concrete and glass which increased natural light in the environment.



Architectural Project: Oscar Niemeyer.


Casa de Espetáculos Angola

Client: Odebrecht
Location: Luanda | Angola

Located on the ground floor and with support scullery in other floors of the building, this kitchen is designed for events. We also designed 4 bars strategically located to supply the foyer and the various cabins. We defined the draft for the kitchens, specifying layout and appropriate equipment.



Architectural Project: Botti Rubin Arquitetos Associados
Ambiance Project: Rocco Arquitetos Associados