Celebratio Mobile kitchen

Client: StudioIno own project

Mobile kitchen for outdoor use built with sturdy and durable plastic materials.

It applies cooking induction technology, has a steam oven and coolers for drinks. The product is easy to clean and its operation is simple and safe.


Abiplast Design Award 2007 | Honorable Mention


Project developed in collaboration with designer Kátia Nakamoto.



Client: Mueller | Fiat

Concept vehicle designed for the year 2020. It has several media, interactivity and customization features. Its interior is spacious and it has two trunks, air-conditioning, lighting and individual and directional audio output. Giusto is electric and runs on fuel cells.


Project developed in collaboration with designer Marcelo Mariani.


Pic Nic Electric Oven

Client: Pic Nic

The Pic Nic oven quickly toasts and bakes pizzas, sandwiches and various foods. It is compact, very efficient and can be embedded in other equipment. It allows for a station for food preparation to be created in small spaces.


Project developed in collaboration with food service consultant José Aurélio Lopes | Precx.


Mobile Kitchen

Client: Big John´s Express | Manufacturers: Stillo Inox e Macom

Transportable and compact restaurant for the fast preparation of grilled food, it was designed for the fast food chain Big John’s Express from Barbados, Caribbean. It can easily be installed in areas of seasonal consumption such as major sporting and music events or at remote sites.