Titã Coffee Maker

Client: Titã

The Cuor Di Crema gelaterias network decided to go with a different format: a replica of a classic Italian vehicle from the 1950s. The concept and design for the unit were carried out by StudioIno. The order came from San Lorenzo, a kitchen company that serves the Cuor Di Crema brand and markets the tuktuk. The vehicle was built by Bob Iser. Inside the cart the exhibitors are from IFI.
The Ape is a tricycle manufactured in Italy after the Second World War. Being cheap, it was used by small producers to transport and sell the products directly in the cities. It symbolizes the artisan production, direct from the producer.



Client: Onnera Group 

Professional refrigerator line for bars formed by two families of equipment: direct draw beer dispensers and back bar refrigerators. The products are designed to comply with NSF and UL technical standards and US market consumer standards.



Client: Fastinox 

Family of professional refrigerators and freezers. Internal spaces designed to receive containers in the Gastronorm and Euronorm standards. The line also meets bakery and candy shop operations. The refrigeration units are built in and there are also models with refrigerated drawers.

Electrostatic oven hood

Client: Prática

Equipment to capture and filter the vapor generated by Prática’s combined oven. It’s a ventless hood with electrostatic filter technology. The filters are washable and the hood has no disposable parts.

Versatile – Refrigerators

Client: Macom

Product line formed by table and reach in refrigerators and freezers. Internal spaces sized to containers in Gastronorm and Euronorm standards (600 x 400 mm). Gastronomy and baking in a single refrigerator. Specific models for preparing salads, sandwiches, pizzas and refrigerated storage.

IDEA Brasil 2012 | Silver

Project developed in collaboration with Macom marketing and engineering teams.

Modular ss work table


Furniture system consisting of smooth work tables with a sink, upper and lower cabinets, upper shelves, drawers and trash bins.
Built in modules with various dimensions, it allows the assembly of numerous layouts for foodservice facilities.
It is made of stainless steel with CNC technology for plates cutting and bending. The assembly is quick and requires no welding.


Project developed in collaboration with Alfatec marketing and engineering teams.



MyGrill is a concept for home gas grill that meets the Brazilian habit of preparing barbecues.
Formed by one basic module for barbecue with infrared burners and other four optional modules that combined result in 11 different configurations.
It has 3 setup possibilities: countertop, built- in or freestanding with optional casters.

Modular Cooking

Client: Elvi

This cooking food system consists of range, Bain Marie, griddle, char broiler, deep fryer, pasta cooker and neutral module, with base and refrigerated cabinets with drawers.

Innovative platform formed with universal chassis, functional units and bases. 13 equipment and 15 dimensional configurations totaling 28 different models with gas and electric heating.

It allows several setups for all types of use in restaurants, hotels and fast food.

IDEA Brasil 2014 | Silver

Project developed in collaboration with Elvi marketing and engineering teams.

Professional range


1000 series professional gas range with 4, 6 or 8 high power open burners. It is supplied with thermostatic oven, Bain Marie, griddle and tap column for water.
The equipment is ideal for restaurants. It has commands on both sides or front command for island or against the wall use.


Project developed in collaboration with Alfatec marketing and engineering teams.


Client: Fagor Industrial México

A line of professional refrigerators for bars formed by two families of equipment: beer dispensers and beverage storage and display.


Project developed in collaboration with Fagor Industrial México team.