Comandatuba Transamerica Hotel

Client: GRSA
Location: Comandatuba | Bahia / Brazil

We designed the kitchen for the hotel events area which is separate from the hotel’s regular kitchen for guests and staff. This project had to meet the demand for 1,000 couverts a day.

Since it is located on an island this is an area of difficult access and supply and the central storage is on the mainland. For those reasons, we defined a good sized area for dry food storage and cold rooms. We designed a kitchen with linear flow and ample area for servers to the events’ rooms to move around.


Projeto de arquitetura: Ricardo Julião Arquitetura e Urbanismo.


Panamby Hotel

Client: Panamby Hotel
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

This hotel was built in the Barra Funda neighborhood in São Paulo to cater for business people and has one kitchen to attend to the demands of the restaurant, the bar and also room service.


Setting project: architects Angel Magalhães and Regina Aquinaga.


Matiz Hotel

Client: Stiep Empreendimentos
Location: Salvador | Bahia / Brazil

We designed all of the hotel’s food and beverage areas (F & B).

The hotel has 300 rooms, a restaurant, a convention center and a bar by the pool. The cold and dry storage areas are in the basement. For the downstairs area we designed the central kitchen that serves the restaurant and room service, and also a support kitchen near the bar. For the convention center, that has its own characteristics, we designed a kitchen specific for the place’s demands.