Ape CuorDiCrema

Cliente: San Lorenzo Foodservice

The Cuor Di Crema gelaterias network decided on a different format: a replica of a classic Italian vehicle from the 1950s. The concept and design of the unit were carried out by the StudioIno. The order came from San Lorenzo, a kitchen company that serves the Cuor Di Crema brand and markets the tuktuk. The vehicle was built by Bob Iser. Inside the cart the exhibitors are from IFI.
The Ape is a tricycle manufactured in Italy after the Second World War. Being cheap, it was used by small producers to transport and sell the products directly in the cities. It symbolizes the artisan production, direct from the producer.


Client: Davvero

Davvero is an artisanal gelateria with recipes that follow the traditional Italian gelato making. The store is designed to communicate the brand values in a cozy environment. The house also offers custom cones and cookies of craft local production.


Client: Soffione

Concept, architecture and detailed design for the first Soffione in Sao Paulo. Soffione offers daily made gelato with the very best fresh fruit, milk, Belgian chocolate, Italian pistachio … irresistible!



La Naturelle

Client: La Naturelle

Concept, architecture and detailed design for the franchise shops of natural ice cream. Their products are sorbets made using only organic ingredients and without milk. The store located at Santa Catarina mall in São Roque, SP, Brazil has wood and natural quartz surfaces to create a modern environment coherent with the brand values.


Bacio Di Latte Gelateria

Client: Bacio di Latte
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

We designed the property renovation needed for the implement of the gelateria’s first unit.
The setting expresses the concepts of purity and tradition that are part of the brand values.

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Projeto do Laboratório: Armando Pucci, consultor em Food Service.