Pizza Makers

Client: Pizza Makers

StudioIno has worked from the concept to the construction work for the Pizza Makers restaurant, a place where the customer chooses the ingredients to assemble their own pizza.
The whole of the project involved: concept development, kitchen design, architecture and interior design, complementary projects, and branding design such as name, brand, uniform and graphic elements.


Viena Express

Client: IMC

The challenge: How to prepare Viena Express restaurant for the new generations and at the same time increase the sales of a consolidated business?
We use the Design Thinking approach: putting the customer in the center of the project and working with multidisciplinary team through observation, understanding, empathy, co-creation and experimentation.
The whole of the projec involved: layout, flows, equipment, architecture, design for new exhibitors, complementary projects, carpentry drawings, contracting suppliers and approval of the project with the mall administration.


Viena Delish

Client: IMC

Forty years ago, Viena opened its first unit, a restaurant at Conjunto Nacional in São Paulo. In 2016, after decades of success and growth, the brand, now part of the International Meal Company – Imc, wanted to renew itself to attract a new audience without losing sight of traditional customers. StudioIno was selected to turn this challenge into reality and the most prominent result of this work was inaugurated december 2016. The restaurant at the Iguatemi Shopping Mall is one of the most important of the brand and will serve as flagship for the rest of the units renovations Viena has in mind for the next years.


Olive Garden

Client: IMC

StudioIno was responsible for the kitchen design and construction management of Olive Garden’s second unit in Brazil. The brand maintains North American standards in its franchises around the world. That’s why StudioIno project was designed to suit US practices and at the same time makes the necessary nationalizations, such as kitchen equipment and finishing materials.


On the go

Client: On the go

Located at Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, the restaurant offers a diversified service to meet the needs of airport users. It’s fast for those who have little time and offers comfort for a complete relaxed meal. StudioIno developed the concept design, the architecture and the executive project as well as the construction management.


Da Nina

Client: Da Nina

Italian restaurant and rotisserie. The space was inspired by the simplicity of real and everyday Italian cuisine. The main challenge of this project was the adaptation of the concept and infrastructure facilities in an old house.


Santo Paulo Bar

Client: GRSA
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

Opened in 2008, this is the first public bar built inside a soccer stadium in Brazil with full view of the field. The constructive approach we’ve taken has enabled full integration of the professional kitchen, the decoration and the local structure, the 1st floor of the Morumbi Stadium stands. It is an environment that carries the soccer theme in all its details from the coating material to the decoration items.

Got interested? Read more about the project’s case.


Visual Design: Parati Design.

Equipment: Topema


Rosário Gas Station

Client:  Rosário Gas Station
Location: Correntina | Bahia / Brazil

We designed all the areas related to food on the Rosário gas station, located on 020 Brazilian roadway in Bahia: its restaurant, cafe and kitchen. We paid great attention to the site’s regional and cultural characteristics to create the appropriate environment comfort with large spaces and natural ventilation.


Bar and Restaurant Fidelis

Client: Bar and Restaurant Fidelis
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

About 300 seats are distributed among a large lounge and the wooden deck, located in the bar entrance. The lighting, carpentry and lining were carefully designed to create a pleasant environment. The kitchen has a privileged location which allows the customers to watch the food preparations. We also designed a system for rainwater collection and reuse.