Atta Fooding

Client: GRSA | Manufacturers: Sigma Brasil, Perc and Stillo Inox
Project completion: June 2007

Seeking to develop a new concept in furniture, visual communication and ambient Atta, premium division for GRSA Group corporate restaurants, asked StudioIno to assist them. A project like this, strategic and focused on the user’s total experience, created the opportunity for our design and architecture divisions to work in synergy which resulted in the Atta Fooding.

What is Fooding?

It is a neologism coined in 1999 by French journalists Alexandre Cammas and Emmanuel Rubin to merge the words food and feeling. We incorporated the fooding concept because it was in tune with one of the brand’s value that is surprise the senses and the mind through cuisine art.


With a premium brand positioning, Atta needed to communicate their values and concept coherently. For two days we visited four of the brand’s restaurants and we focused on understanding and evaluating their services from the user’s perspective. We noticed that there was no consistency or standardization in the visual identity and architecture between each unit. The problems ranged from lack of identification at the restaurant entrance and diversity in formal distribution furniture type to difficulty in reaching the food, lighting and inadequate floorings. In conclusion, Atta’s gist was being lost. Our challenge was to rescue Atta values and take them to all the brand’s points of communication with its users.


Reinterpreting the brand values, starting from the fooding idea, we came to a new concept: Atta experience of nutrition happens when each person feels involved in an environment that is invigorating and surprising every day. We developed two furniture architecture simulating the users’ flow, based on observation research and analysis. We proposed two style directions and the chosen one, Traditional / Roots, guided the rest of the project from the front of the house design to the elements of visual communication.


We used heated or chilled thermal glass plates as surfaces to display the food at safe temperatures. This new concept for collective food service enabled us to create an innovative design for the self service restaurant counters.


The new Atta Fooding concept was firmly approved by the client in June 2007, after the pilot successful implementation on the Natura restaurant in São Paulo. As of June 2011 about 50 restaurants were installed in the WTC companies such as Bombril, Editora Abril, Siemens, BASF, Sulamerica Seguros, among others.

Client’s Testimonial

Atta, a GRSA division I directed for more than 10 years, has its activities guided by innovative concepts, products and services. In 2007 StudioIno was our partner in the development of a unique solution for keeping food hot and cold, strengthening GRSA position in the premium market of corporate food service. The completion of the project created an aesthetic, functional and operational differential that drove the growth of our solutions in the market ensuring technical quality, something we can’t work without. It was a great learning experience for the entire team. I can only wish these fantastic partners: success always!

Regina Belelli | GRSA Health Division Director


23° Prêmio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira (2009) | Finalist

SENAI SP Excellence Design 2010 | Selected for exhibition


Uniform design: Patrícia Tucci Imagem Pessoal.

Project developed in collaboration with GRSA marketing team