Mara Cakes

Location: São Paulo | São Paulo | Brazil

To start their homemade cake sales Bolos Mara sought StudioIno to take care of their store design.

The venue for the brand’s first store was a townhouse in the traditional neighborhood of Vila Mariana in São Paulo. The original space was well used to compose the final environment, and some elements helped keep the vintage atmosphere which is the original philosophy of the company.

The property which was already used as a commercial establishment was completely transformed to meet the needs of both production and service. The first floor of the serving area got a large sliding glass door, a tailored display counter with cashier and shelves for ready products. We used lots of glass for a clean and well-lit environment, and also for better display of the products.
“I was very pleased with the result, the goal was to create an environment that had a family feel for that pleasant moment of sharing a cake”, said Mara Raquel Siqueira, project owner and creator.

Taking advantage of the structure and integrating the areas, we managed to create an environment that was welcoming for the customer and at the same time functional for production.