Professional Gourmet Kitchen

Client: Fausto Penna Moreira
Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil

Our client requested the design of a gourmet kitchen for his home in Sao Paulo. His idea was to have guests over in his home and hold great dinner parties. Thus the space was blended with contemporary sophistication and features of professional kitchens and could be used to prepare meals for numerous guests. This large capacity is due to the high-tech equipment specified in the project: a combination oven, an ultra-freezer, a refrigerator and modular equipment for conventional cooking.

Our biggest challenge was to integrate the kitchen to the space provided in his beautiful residence. The garden view was favored by large windows circumventing the area.

A central cooking island was designed to stand next to the counter where the guests could share in the process of preparation and taste some of the food. Following the client’s suggestion we also designed a garden for kitchen use, in pots along the windows.