Kitchen Station

Client: Unilever | Fabricantes: Macom e Insight Marcenaria Técnica

They come with refrigerated and room temperature storage space, room for keeping cooking utensils and pans, induction hot plate with individual electrostatic hood, desktop, polypropylene cutting board and two tanks.

It can be used in outdoor events, since the structure is made of stainless steel and woodworking and has industrial casters. It has electrical, hydraulic, sewer and gas fast connections placed in safe and easily accessible technical space.

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IDEA Brasil 2011 | Silver

SENAI SP Excellence Design 2010 | Silver 

IDSA 2011 | Finalist

Design Excellence Brazil 2011 | Shortlisted

SENAI SP Excellence Design 2010 | Selected for exhibition


Project developed in collaboration with Macom engineering team.