Photo-curing machine

Client: Kota Equipamentos | Manufacturer: Preumec and CNZ

The KotaLux photo-curing machine for dental prostheses is part of the new product family of Kota equipment, a Brazilian company in the dental industry. It has programmable electronic timer, easy access to the exchange of 4 dichroic lamps without tools, guillotine door and cooler. The project was designed after extensive research about the market, technology and use, resulting in cosmetic modernization and new functional solutions.

We tried to optimize KotaLux’s manufacturing and assembly, reducing the number of parts, bolts and welds. The technical standards of UL and CE for future sales in Europe we adopted voluntarily. The KotaLux photo-curing machine emerged from the Kota brand identity project. With it a whole product line was created: the Aoshima Collection that consists of three ovens for denture, one of them being the A3 Oven.


Project developed in collaboration with Kota Equipamentos engineering team.