Bacio Di Latte Gelateria

Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil
Opening date: January 2011
Project size: 165 m² (1.776 square feet)

In order to bring to Brazil a product inspired by the traditional Italian gelaterias, Bacio di Latte proposed the challenge of renovating a property in Oscar Freire Street to open its first unit. The two-story property houses the area of customer service, toilettes, laboratory for the gelato production, stock and office.


The front of the house project aimed at creating not only a pleasant area for enjoying the gelatos but also to express concepts such as purity and tradition that are part of the brand’s philosophy. The furniture design and the finishes picked – the choice for wood and white – were key to achieving this goal. Next to the tables, much of the lighting is natural which provides the customers with a pleasant experience and also contributes to the reduction of energy consumption. The flows were carefully studied to ensure operations efficiency and convenience to the customers. It takes only 30 seconds between finishing production of the ice cream to its being displayed in the window. The project also provided circulations and toilets accessible to people in wheelchair.


It was elected by magazines Veja São Paulo Eating & Drinking 2011 and Época The Best of Sao Paulo 2011 the best gelato in the city.


Technical lab design: Armando Pucci, Food Service consultant.