Hospital das Américas

Client: Medirest | Amil
Location: Rio de Janeiro | Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

We designed the area of Nutrition and Dietetics Service on the Hospital of Americas to suit the Brazilian regulatory agency (Anvisa) prevailing standards. We included a food preparation cell on the Cook & Chill system with a specific area with storage chambers. There is a kitchen with a specific area for preparation and distribution of the patients’ meals equipped with a “portioning” system. The portions are then placed in imported carts with storage technology that can hold both hot and cold meals simultaneously. The employee’s restaurant is located in an adjacent area.

Upstairs, with access to the main reception, we designed a commercial restaurant with a la carte service and a coffee shop located in the access to the restaurant with its own comfort area.

On the same floor on the opposite side, we designed a restaurant specifically to cater to the medical personnel, with its own cafe and a private area with special ambiance.

These two restaurants are connected by a hall for the servers that access a central support scullery, a waiters’ area and an area for dish washing. These areas are all interconnected with the central kitchen riding through specific dumbwaiters for food and waste.