Kota A3 Oven

Client: Kota Equipamentos

The A3 Oven for denture is the renewal of Kota’s identity, a Brazilian company in the dental industry. Its construction was perfected and the assembly, optimized: there are fewer welds and bolts, reduced parts and painting and increased internal space. It has two unique features: elevator canal lock, which prevents the prostheses from falling into the furnace and the prosthetic support area in tempered glass, which allows for better organization in the workplace and makes cleaning the equipment easier. It has LCD display and a redesigned programming logic which had been identified as confusing during the research phase. It was made simple and intuitive.

The A3 Oven emerged from the Kota brand identity design. With the oven, a whole product line was created: the Aoshima Collection, that consists of two more ovens and a photo-curing machine.

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Red Dot Award 2011 | Winner

IDEA Brasil 2009 | Silver

SENAI SP Excellence Design 2010 | Bronze

SENAI SP Excellence Design 2010 | Selecionado para a Mostra

25° Design Museu da Casa Brasileira Award | Selected for exhibition


Project developed in collaboration with Kota Equipamentos engineering team.