Santo Paulo Bar

Location: São Paulo | São Paulo / Brazil
Opening date: August 2008
Project size: 875.80 m² (9,429 square feet)

In the four levels every seat has a full view to the playing field. There are eighteen television sets, 310 seats, scenic lighting, completely themed soccer decoration and, of course, excellence in food and drink. This is the Santo Paulo Bar. Opened in August 2008, it is the first public bar built inside a soccer stadium in Brazil with full vision for the spectacle of the game. We took 10 months to develop the architectural design with the collaboration of several professional experts in their respective fields.
In the end, a total of twelve project versions were developed. The civil work took 58 days and a crew of nearly 200 employees worked on the project. The final investment was of 1.8 million Reais (around 720K dollars).


The bar is located on the first floor of the Morumbi Stadium. During the first site visit we found out that the project would be far more complicated than anyone had imagined. The stadium project signed by Vilanova Artigas did not have adequate infrastructure to support an industrial kitchen, there were only concrete everywhere. Unbeknownst to the customers, that was our greatest challenge: how to integrate the complex technology of an industrial kitchen to the original design without degrading it?

The challenge was overcome. The bar was entirely designed with a metallic structure and has four levels and a mezzanine. On the first level you find the foyer, the store, the VIP area, the central bar and the industrial kitchen. On the second level which is still covered by the concrete structure of the upper deck we have the couches and tables. On the third and fourth levels which are opened we have tables and bistros. The metal structure system is covered by wallboard and an additional layer of concrete floor bedding. The construction alternated materials such as concrete blocks, clay bricks and Dry Wall. The floor finishes range from porcelain to the synthetic grass.

On the walls black, white and red acrylic paints make up the environment. In the details stainless steel, Corian and glass integrate technology to the traditional method of construction.


The soccer theme was inserted into the front of the house to the smallest details. The tables are shaped as a soccer field, yellow and red cards are used to call the waiter and ask for the bill, the central bars has flags, goal bars and nets, and original autographed jerseys are hanging on the walls. Different materials were applied. The sound system, TVs, lighting and visual communication complete the front of the house in harmony with the architectural design. The space is designed for all audiences, the fanatical supporters, families or friends, everyone can join the party.


“StudioIno was a very important partner in the Santo Paulo Bar project. They contributed with creative solutions aligned with the budget constraints at all stages of the project. The team commitment level was fundamental to the bar opening in the agreed time. I can say that StudioIno is part of project success”.

Pierre Albert Berenstein, Director of Retail Division | GRSA


Visual communication and branding: Parati Design.